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Show some respect

It is sad to think that some people who live, work and play in Aspen are solely focused on themselves. Their day is much too important to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, or they are a few minutes late so running a red light does not even faze them.

Are manners and respect not taught to people any more, or does it only happen when it is convenient? You would think in a small town like Aspen there would be a little more patience and kindness toward others, unlike the larger cities.

Life is great here ? look around and slow down, you might actually enjoy yourself and the people around you. There are definitely worse places to live.

I bring this up because on Tuesday at around 1 p.m. someone in a hurry (driving a large white pickup truck) sideswiped my black Jeep in the Clark’s Market parking lot. No note, no witnesses, nothing.

Mistakes happen and they usually are not fun when they do happen, but take responsibility for your actions. I work hard, too, and now I have the burden of not only paying for the damages but trying to do my daily activities without a vehicle for an unknown number of days.

How would you feel if this had happened to you or maybe your daughter, wife or even your mother. Please show some respect and common courtesy toward others.

Nicole Kinsler


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