Show some love for indoor tennis |

Show some love for indoor tennis

Dear Editor:

Time for public indoor tennis in Aspen! How can we consider ourselves a first-class resort when our guests (as well as locals) have no place to play indoor tennis other than at private clubs?

The city has a beautiful public-recreation building with cutting-edge, over-head fountains, a lazy river, and a slide in the pool – plus lanes for training, a top-rated ice rink (make that two available to our guests), exercise rooms in two locations, climbing walls in two locations, a formidable gymnastics area and a plethora of exercise classes open to everyone.

The public courts couldn’t even open until the first of June this year, due to the weather. That means locals as well as guests, dependent on the outdoor courts, will probably have four months of outdoor tennis before the courts must close, due to weather.

Indoor courts would enable us all, locals and guests, to play year-round. Let’s get moving on making these courts happen!

Mary Jo Kimbrough

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