Show respect for U.S. flag |

Show respect for U.S. flag

Dear Editor:

How wonderful and moving to see the group of veterans marching and riding in the parade, and even more wonderful was the fact that they received the loudest and most sustained applause of any parade entry.

How sad to see the cover page of Thursday’s Aspen Daily News showing a well-meaning but disrespectful display of the U.S. flag, upside down and used as a costume or article of clothing.

The most cringe-worthy display of the day was by two women at the Boogie’s Diner Buddy five-mile race on Cooper Avenue, who had a large beach towel, which was an exact replica of the U.S. flag, who spread it on the ground, walked on it and sat on it.

In the future, maybe the Daily News could print the U.S. Flag Code on the front page, along with photos, to encourage respectful use and display of our national symbol on our national holiday.

Linda Vitti Herbst


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