Show North 40 residents your Halloween spirit |

Show North 40 residents your Halloween spirit

Dear Editor:

We’d like to thank the residents of the North 40 for once again providing such a great community service on Halloween evening. They do a terrific job dressing up their homes and themselves and making such a large part of Pitkin County feel welcome each Oct. 31. It truly is enjoyable to wander through their neighborhood chatting with friends and checking out all the costumes in a largely controlled and safe environment.

It seems like just about every family in the upper Roaring Fork Valley stops by and partakes in the festivities – and the treats! We have no idea how much money each homeowner spends on decorations and candy but, judging by the amount of sweets our kids bring home multiplied by the number of kids we see out there, we wouldn’t be surprised if it runs into the hundreds of dollars per household.

With that in mind we just called the president of their homeowners association and offered to make a small donation in appreciation of all they do for the community. He was very appreciative and said we could send a check (made out to the North 40 HOA) to 27 Riverdown Drive, Aspen, CO 81611 and he would see to it that it would be used to help the residents offset the cost of hosting the community. We are going to make a $10 donation and we challenge everyone else who also enjoyed Halloween at the North 40 to do the same. We’re sure our friends who come through for us every Halloween will appreciate the return of goodwill.

Thanks again, North 40.

John and Kathleen Callahan



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