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Show no mercy

Dear Editor:

In an article I read, an Ohio death-row inmate is claiming his weight and current medications should excuse him from lethal injection. He claims being overweight makes it hard to find any veins to give him the injection. Also his medication of Topomax, a type of seizure medication might effect the resistance to drug thiopental, which is used to put the inmate asleep. Without it, the final two injections used to actually kill the person, would make the process excruciating.

Boo hoo ” maybe he should have thought of that before ruining the lives of the ones he murdered.

So this man was found guilty for raping and murdering two women in 1986, and now he shouldn’t have to die for being fat? Sorry, but if you kill someone, you should have to pay for it.

So maybe lethal injection is painful to him, but maybe he would like to be hanged, electrocuted, or killed the way he did to his victims. There should be no mercy for murderers. Every action has a consequence and by no means should an inmate be allowed mercy. God (if you believe in it) is told to show the mercy on your soul. Sorry, but I wouldn’t show any mercy to this killer. Nor would I expect any if you truly were sorry for doing such a horrible crime.

Chris Everding

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