Shot in the head not an opinion |

Shot in the head not an opinion

Dear Editor:With regards to Marj Perry’s insensitive letter (Oct. 10): Hey lady! Killing a dog with a bullet to the head after it served you and was tethered miserably for 12 years, then letting it squirm in piles of feces until it dies a slow, agonizing death is not an opinion.Some men think it’s OK to have sex with children, as they did in ancient Greek and Roman times. That is their opinion. Does that make it OK? Where do you draw the line?With regards to respecting how an individual chooses to live … apparently you also respect that individual’s “right” to chose an appalling life for another creature.Research the Iditarod and see for yourself how those animals are literally run to their deaths. All for the sake of man’s enjoyment.Kelley FlockAspen

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