Short stories, one-liners |

Short stories, one-liners

Dear Editor:

America has been dumbed down to existing on short stories and one-liners, so here goes.

The GOP Keystone Cop Show is entertaining, but what would Teddy be thinking? We have a president who seems to win every debate without attending. He is not invited because he is a Democrat.

The fact is we need to be electing more sensible Americans to Congress and the Senate. Obviously the split-party system doesn’t work anymore so we need to elect a sufficient majority in both House and Senate to move this machine. Upside down and downside up, our history tells it all. Northern Republicans are now Democrats and Southern Democrats are now Republicans – go figure!

Teddy Roosevelt, who was a master trust-buster, environmentalist and regulator, would be an outcast in today’s Republican Party. Of course he wasn’t too welcome in his own days, but he was electable! What can you do? Get off your can and vote!

Jim Childers

New Castle

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