Short end of the stick? |

Short end of the stick?

In July 2001, Sheldon Fingerman wrote the following: “Toni, I applaud your efforts to get the best facility you can for your swimmers, but if you want to convince me that the pool is getting the short end of the stick, what do your numbers (1,000 skaters and 25,000 swimmers) actually represent, and where are they coming from?”

While the numbers I supplied came directly from the recreation department during the 1999 Parks and Recreation Bond campaign, Sheldon had a hard time believing the numbers. Therefore, I invited Sheldon on one of the facility tours so he could “see” for himself the disparity between the pools and the ice.

Since Sheldon has yet to come on a tour to “see” for himself the disparity in the physical layout (which directly affects meeting the needs of the community, programming, revenues and taxpayer subsidies) for the pools and ice, I would like to invite Sheldon to the “public meeting” on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Aspen Middle School Commons.

Recreation Director Tim Anderson “is going to make sure, going into the opening of this building, that the needs of the community have been met; and, if anything that comes up that we hadn’t thought of, we’ll go back and address it.”

For starters, maybe the City Council could address why Aspen High School 2001 graduate Tiffany Stone wrote last summer that “she and her friends” would not be “hanging out” in the new $6 million-plus (totally indoors), 3 1/2-feet-deep leisure pool or in the six-lane, 25-yard rectangular pool, that after the diving board is in place along with two lap lanes open at ALL times leaves half of four lanes (approximately 28 feet wide and 36 feet long) for Aspen’s youth.

After all, did not the current mayor and council agree that the primary focus for the center was for the “youth”? “Youth” being the age group that “hangs out” in Aspen’s fabulous 3 feet to 10 feet deep skateboard park at Rio Grande.

Maybe Sheldon’s questions can finally be answered to see if the “pool is really getting the short end of the stick!”

Toni Kronberg


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