Shopkeepers lack ingenuity |

Shopkeepers lack ingenuity

Dear Editor:Every incompetent economist and unstudied Aspen business hound dog still wants to use the crutch called “Sept. 11, 2001” to explain overall Aspen business sluggishness and falling private sector job numbers as echoed in Grand Canyon style in “Employment numbers fall” (Aspen Times, Sept. 29).The U.S. economy was already sunk in August 2001. Any intelligent American interested in high finance and the American economy who read the Federal Reserve Bank system’s various district publications were hip to the reality the Aspen business community refuses to acknowledge and deal with.Aspen retailers fail to attract many window shoppers, whether day or night, which lead to buying. Shopping is a pastime ignore by unschooled storekeepers.These Aspen storekeepers fail to produce attractive window and inside store displays to appeal to onlookers and buyers. Oh, how drab and tacky the look. No class. No professionalism.Many people, including me, notice these same shop owners and their store managers lack initiative to reflect the four seasons and many official, unofficial and traditional American holiday and special occasion displays in their windows and inside decor/interior designing.Furthermore, Aspen retailers can better arrange their shops not to look like junkyards.Even New York City’s Delancey Street merchants can teach Aspen retailers a lot about selling, upkeep and looks that appeal to shoppers as their cash registers ring up more sales than an Aspen retailer has projected for the year if he uses financial statements to run his business. But one can tell from an Aspen retailer’s constant whine that he doesn’t use financial statements, analyses and projections at all or else he would be walking a different walk and talking a different talk.Aspen merchants, a little Yankee ingenuity in Aspen will go a long way if you realize Aspen is in America and they’re Americans to hire and do business with. We Americans are famous for our Yankee ingenuity worldwide.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.


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