Shooting the messenger |

Shooting the messenger

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Dear Editor:It is a pleasure to read Nick Kertz’s comments relating to Bob Novak’s Sun Times column. Thank you for your comity.That, however, does not take away the fact that the attacks on Mr. Wilson are continuing without let up. It is very simple: Forget the message. Shoot the messenger. I may be wrong but, on balance, I would not give Mr. Novak, who outed Valery Plame in the first place, much credit for fair and balanced reporting. Of course, no one can refute a mere “possibility” of any event taking place, however improbable or nebulous. The facts are that uranium purchases could not and did not take place. Further, why are the words “forged documents” in quotation marks? The director general of the IAEA reported that these documents were inauthentic, meaning they were fabricated and our own State Department admitted that “we had been had.” The thorough investigation of extended duration resulted in bulletproof evidence of its forgery. Why cast a shadow on this? Also, I have not been able to locate a back-up for Mr. Wilson’s reported statement to the committee that he may have “misspoken.” Where did that come from? Who cares. Just hammer the guy.The plan to oust Saddam goes back to at least 1996. This plan (“A Clean Break” easily downloaded from the Net) was published at that time by the same gentlemen who returned to power in 2000. They did not need excuses about WMDs then, so why all this palaver now? Why not simply say: We wanted to take this guy out, weapons of mass destruction or no weapons of mass destruction, period. That would be (however misguided) an honorable and truthful statement.Stefan EdlisAspen

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