Shooting the messenger |

Shooting the messenger

Dear Editor:

Don Dixon’s letter stating that Marilyn Marks should leave town was just plain stupid.

Instead of being grateful that there are still people willing to question and step forward when they believe there is a wrong – he tries to shoot the messenger. And the personal attack letters seem to be reserved for “females” who question local male leadership.

Though I also am tired of the on going IRV election debate, it is City Council that is in the wrong here, not local citizens who are insisting the public get a closer look at the “oddities” that showed up in that election. Fair and clean elections are the bedrock of a democracy and council should be pursuing the questions raised.

Because we are a small town, there is already a reluctance to object for fear of retaliation by a very powerful local government. If we condone personal attacks then we lose those “idealistic” enough to stand up. At some point, even the bravest decide it just isn’t worth the hassles and the slander.

Shellie Roy

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