Shooting the messenger |

Shooting the messenger

Dear Editor:In an apparent lack of class and courage common in today’s Republican Party, Keith Schupbach (Aspen Times, Dec. 17) chooses to attack me personally rather than debate the content of my “pathetic diatribes.” It seems Schupbach would rather chastise the messenger instead of challenging the message of my “incessant rants,” which include such outlandish concepts as people taking responsibility for the behaviors of the leaders they elect and, more specifically, that the intelligence that was used to mislead us into the Iraqi war wasn’t exactly spot-on, and that during the Vietnam War, President Bush was less than heroic when he checked out early from the Texas Guard to attend the Harvard Business School. I guess these killing-season thoughts are dampening Keith’s holiday cheer; bummer. I’ll try to get our boys and girls dying in the cold sand outside of Baghdad to keep it down until after the New Year. But until then, here’s a stocking stuffer that might take away that garlic taste in the eggnog: Name a time and place, Keith, and I will debate you, publicly or privately, on any of the subjects of my ranting diatribes. And if you’ve been good, Santa might even explain to you how the word “sympathy” is different from the word “apology” and why reek rhymes with eek.Patrick HasburghAspen