Shoddy journalism |

Shoddy journalism

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in reference to an article in the Aug. 13 Aspen Times by Erica Werner: “Just who are these health care protesters?”

Finally, I thought, the Associated Press is going to confront this troubling issue. What I got was a thinly veiled endorsement for Glenn Beck.

Essentially the article is factual. The bias screams out in what has been omitted.

These protesters, many of whom bare a deep mistrust for the government, are being corrupted and emboldened by a series of preposterous lies about health care reform; lies perpetuated by health and insurance industry lobbyists, conservative talk show hosts, Fox News Channel and Republican politicians, to name a few.

These honorable politicians and wise pundits reassure they’re loyal trusting flock by saying, “Yes, it’s true, the big bad black Obama wants to kill you; of course he wants to kill you, but we won’t let him! We will thwart his evil, Socialist, Nazi, Fascist, Communist, Un-Real American, Godless attempts to change your life for the better!”

In other words, they LIE, and with each lie the anger grows.

To avoid preaching to the choir and getting off point, I won’t repeat all of what my esteemed Democratic weenie colleagues call “common misconceptions” about health care reform. We know the drill.

My point is: Any serious discussion about who these protesters are and why they’re so damned mad, without taking into consideration the lies they’ve been fed, is impossible. It’s bad journalism at best; more likely, propaganda.

Shame on AP for circulating a shallow, deceptive Op-Ed piece in the guise of news.

Shame on you for printing it as such.

P.S. Same issue, page A8: If the car was found, why are the police still looking for it? Did the police get the suspect’s description from a witness, or did they just take note of what she looked like when they arrested her? C’mon guys, read what you’re printing!

Bill Hallisey

Aspen Village

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