Shoddy billing impacts patients |

Shoddy billing impacts patients

Eben Harrell

AVH’s faulty billing process has led certain patients to be improperly billed and then threatened with collection agencies when they don’t pay, hospital board members confirmed last night.

The board said such billing would stop, and one member said he would personally take it upon himself to ensure no patients face damage to their credit rating as a result of hospital errors.

Due to inaccurate or outdated bills issued by AVH, insurance companies have been refusing to pay certain bills. AVH’s Rifle-based billing company has been sending these bills directly on to patients, threatening to hire collection agencies if they don’t pay.

Hospital treasurer and board member John Jellinek said the hospital was stopping the issuing of such bills.

“It’s wrong, it’s inexcusable, and it’s going to stop,” he said.

Board member Bob D’Alessio said the hospital would make sure no patients are hassled by collection agencies for bills they shouldn’t have to pay.

“I invite anyone whose credit ratings have been affected improperly to contact me personally, and I’ll get the ball rolling,” he said.


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