Shocking lack of concern |

Shocking lack of concern

Dear Editor:

The attitude of the city staff at this debacle is shocking.

The assistant city manager is quoted as saying that the original cost numbers that were publicized “had no basis in reality” and were just part of a “marketing piece.” He did not feel that those numbers, publicly disclosed to the electorate, “were germane.”

What utter nonsense! When a private developer offers, in his marketing piece, to sell a product for a stated sum, does he then present a purchase contract for five times as much and say, “Oh, that was just a marketing piece”?

The marketing was directed to the public ” to get us to vote for the project. Was it all a scam, then, since the numbers “were not germane”?

Burlingame seems out of control, but there also seems to be a lack of serious concern by those who are charged with controlling it!

James DeFrancia



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