Shocked by kennel conditions |

Shocked by kennel conditions

Dear Editor:

I traveled to Aspen last week to enjoy the Aspen Music Festival and the spectacular beauty of the region in summer. I enjoyed my visit immensely until coming upon the Krabloonik kennel above Snowmass.

I was appalled to witness well over 200 dogs fastened to small wooden structures on three-foot chains in exceedingly hot sun. There was literally no shade for these poor creatures unless they crawled into the small wooden house to which they were chained. The interior of one of these houses felt extremely hot when I placed my hand inside. I later learned that these dogs are chained in this manner most of the time and are only let off when they begin “training” in October and then when they “work” in the winter months, pulling sleds.

I visited the website upon returning home and found a very misleading set of photos of dogs in the snow. I am completely shocked that this level of cruelty is tolerated, especially in the Aspen/Snowmass community, which is so well-known for its love of dogs.

Deborah Baker