Shocked and angered |

Shocked and angered

Dear Editor:As a member of the Aspen High School class of 2004, I was both shocked and angered by the recent release of Coach Rick Ryan. I had the privilege of playing for Coach Ryan for all four years of high school, and five summer seasons. During that time, I never came to doubt his ability as a baseball coach. Like any coach, he expected his players to work hard and earn what they were given. Never at any time, though, did I doubt that he cared a lot about his players and their lives. He was always willing to assist players in improving their skills, and always did what he could to bring out the best in us. I believe that by releasing him, the Aspen school district robbed many baseball players, including my younger brother, the privilege of being on Coach Ryan’s team. The way Coach Ryan was released without any warning makes a comment on how Aspen High School is coming to appreciate athletics.Coach Ryan had a special gift for coaching baseball, and the team will never be the same without him. To me, Coach Ryan was not only a great coach to play for, but he was also a close friend, and I believe that his release is disgraceful and wrong.Carter BudwellSnowmass Village

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