Shirtless burglar: ‘I’m not normal’ |

Shirtless burglar: ‘I’m not normal’

Jason Auslander
The Aspen Times

A 59-year-old shirtless Aspen Village man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly breaking into one home in Old Snowmass and trying to break into another, according to court records.

A woman who was home with her daughter during the attempted break-in had to run through her home to lock a door just as William Hallisey was attempting to open it, according to an affidavit filed Thursday in District Court.

Hallisey was later arrested at the intersection of Watson Divide Road and Highway 82 after Pitkin County sheriff’s deputies saw him drinking beer. He was charged with burglary, attempted burglary and DUI.

A District Court judge Thursday ordered Hallisey to undergo a competency evaluation after he told Pitkin County Jail officials he was a “shaman” and could survive without food and water.

Deputies first received a call about Hallisey at 2:52 p.m. Wednesday, when a man working at a ranch on Snowmass Creek Road called to report a burglary, the affidavit states. The man described the burglar as shirtless with facial hair and a cut above his eye that was bleeding but not severely.

The man also said the burglar was “driving around with Coors beer and Fireball liquor” in a silver Nissan Xterra, the affidavit states. The man later told deputies he confronted Hallisey, who told him he was going to buy the property, according to the affidavit.

“The man began to leave and then handed (the ranch worker) a set of keys and said something like, ‘Can you put these back in the bowl?’” the affidavit states.

The ranch worker realized the keys were for the ranch owner’s car and had been kept in a bowl in the owner’s kitchen.

While the deputy was driving to the Snowmass Creek Road address, dispatchers received another report of a man walking around the outside of a home on Watson Divide Road.

Deputies stopped the Xterra on Watson Divide Road not long after. One of the deputies saw Hallisey drinking Coors from a bottle in the car, and they tested him for DUI, the affidavit states.

In the middle of the tests, Hallisey said, “I’m outta here” and started to walk back to his vehicle, when deputies grabbed him and handcuffed him, according to the affidavit.

The woman on Watson Divide Road later told deputies that while she was home with her daughter, she saw the Xterra pull into her driveway and park. She saw a shirtless Hallisey get out of the car with a beer in his hand, walk up to her locked front door and try to open it, the affidavit states.

“She then observed Hallisey walk toward a door near the garage, which she knew was not locked, and she ran through the house to that door and locked it right as he was trying to open it,” according to the affidavit.

Hallisey saw her do that yet continued to walk around the house, looked into windows and attempted to open doors, which were locked, the affidavit states.

On Thursday in District Court, Judge Gail Nichols was in the middle of advising Hallisey of the charges against him when he interrupted her.

“Can we skip to the chase, Gail?” he said. “Where do I stand now?”

Nichols then asked Hallisey to address her as “judge” in the courtroom.

“I’m not a normal human being and I’m not here under normal circumstances,” Hallisey said.

Nichols later decided to keep Hallisey’s bond at $11,000 and asked him to report to his probation officer if he posted the bond.

“I will not,” Hallisey said.

Nichols, who said a public defender couldn’t be present Thursday, then said she would order the competency evaluation.

“Everyone else seems to be on a different level of reality than you are,” Nichols said. “I think you would agree with that.”

“Absolutely,” Hallisey responded.