Shipwrecked: The rest of the story |

Shipwrecked: The rest of the story

Dear Editor:The second page of Wednesday’s Aspen Times (July 19) featured a large color photo titled “Shipwreck.” The caption was clear, it was Aspen Whitewater Rafting “shipwrecked” on the Roaring Fork River – not the kind of publicity a rafting company seeks out. But, hey, fair’s fair, and The Aspen Times caught it on film, so I’m not complaining about the photo. I just want the readers of The Aspen Times to know the whole story. What the newspaper forgot to mention is just why we had 10 rafts out there that day. Aspen Whitewater Rafting took 70 kids from the Aspen Youth Experience group rafting Tuesday morning. Ten guides volunteered their time, and Aspen Whitewater volunteered its equipment to get these kids out on the river. And, yes, one of our rafts didn’t have the smoothest line through that last rapid, but all the kids went home safe and happy, and certainly had an experience they won’t forget. Keep shooting those great photos, Aspen Times!Darcy GaechterAspen Whitewater Rafting

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