Shipping our problems away |

Shipping our problems away

Dear Editor:

Fortunately, I am not homeless or in need of a job.

But if I were, I know the No. 1 place I’d head to in the dead of winter would be North Dakota: I just so love the beaches, and the warm morning breeze can’t be beat.

It has been reported the Dakota-bound man making headlines, Jimmy Baldwin (no relation to Alec, I assume), has no job or housing lined up; hopefully he has a warm coat, gloves and a hat.

According to our local shelter director, Dr. Vince Savage, “Baldwin wanted to go to North Dakota because he thought he could get a job in the state’s booming energy industry.” The fact that Baldwin does not seem to have the skill set for an energy-industry-related job never seemed to cross the good doctor’s mind.

I would think, considering the holiday spirit that abounds and with empty units available in our affordable housing stock (we are building Burlingame II to supply a growing work force, according to City Hall), a better solution for Jimmy Baldwin than a one-way ticket out of town could have been found.

Luckily, according to our local prosecutor, “If he misses his next court date, January 17, a bench warrant will be issued.”

It is nice to know Jimmy Baldwin will be back in Aspen in less than a month – if he can get another one-way bus ticket.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Andrew Kole


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