She’s no ‘Mr. Smith’, yet |

She’s no ‘Mr. Smith’, yet

Dear Editor:

As much as I enjoy Addison Gardner’s column, his recent comparison between Sarah Palin and the Frank Capra film “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” was inaccurate as it relates to his purpose of championing the vice presidential nominee.

In the movie, Mr. Smith (Jimmy Stewart) is betrayed by his own party when he is appointed as a naive country bumpkin to fill a subservient role as a stooge for entrenched political powers. When Smith, tipped off by the liberal media, realizes he’s being used to foist a political scheme, he rebels against his party, stands up against his “betters,” and at great personal cost puts right to power by exposing his bosses and the corrupt system that empowers them.

Whether Sarah Palin will recognize her role as a mouthpiece for outmoded Republican ideology will be told by the way she comports herself in the course of the campaign. We can only hope for the soulful redemption of Palin (ala Mr. Smith), that honesty will replace venomous campaign rhetoric, and that there will be a happy ending for America through a Palin epiphany in the hallowed marble cloister of the Lincoln Memorial.

Paul Andersen


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