Sheridan’s firing follows pattern |

Sheridan’s firing follows pattern

Dear Editor:

About Dan Sheridan. He’s an artist. Not only is he the winner of two of the biggest singer/songwriter competitions in the U.S., but he’s a guy who writes and lives from the heart.

He cares deeply about Aspen and the folks who make this valley their home. In addition to being a fine singer and guitarist, he entertains and relates to his audience as a human being. He’s a working dad who donates his talents to good causes throughout the year. Truthfully, Dan is a guy who could have a huge musical career but opted instead to raise his family in the town he loves. His song “Big Money” is a perfect expression of what we all know to be true. We have gone for the glitz, and been robbed in the process.

When I first read the article, “Aspen singer’s ‘Big Money’ hits wrong note with Skico,” I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to organize my friends and threaten a boycott. After all, most working locals have had reason to distrust the company ever since the ’70s, when the previous owners announced their intention to cater to the “Mercedes-Benz crowd.”

Far fewer ski clubs from the Midwest and noticeably fewer longtime Aspen visitors was the result. Good-bye, normal folks; hello, Hollywood and New York. More importantly, good-bye to the local working family who would love to ski, but simply find it unaffordable. It seems that the Skico pricing policies are designed to keep locals off the mountains. It’s worked very well for most folks I know.

It reminds me of the days when the chamber of commerce began to censor (and ruin) the Wintersköl Parade. On one hand we have governmental subsidies to enhance the so-called “messy vitality” so important to the character of Aspen. On the other we have censorship of the vitality itself.

Now the Skico wants to make nice. It was all a mistake in communication. Dan was never meant to be fired and therefore banned from all seven of the apres ski venues from which he might earn his living.

You can have your job back, Dan, just don’t play that song you wrote … you know, the one which is the most highly requested by your audiences. Even Aspen tourists like to feel a little rebellious, and that’s the whole point. The song resonates … and not only that, it entertains … harmlessly. My suggestion is that the Skico give Dan a raise and hire him more, with no conditions. And while they’re at it they could consider beating back the price of the locals’ Classic Pass, which went up 40 percent this year.

Sandy Munro

Brush Creek

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