Shenanigans |


As only a half-time resident, not registered to vote in Aspen, I couldn’t sign the petition to stop the straight-shot, four-lane highway entrance to Aspen.

But hundreds of Aspen voters did sign it, in a short period of time, during off-season. Fifteen-hundred people signed from the valley, including 806 certified registered Aspen voters.

Aspen City Council: Why are you trying to undermine this grassroots effort of citizens to communicate their wishes to you? I’m sure the hundreds who signed – as well as those who simply believe in grassroots democracy – join me in strongly warning you: Stop these shenanigans of yours right now! Listen up to the voice of the people.

Shenanigan: a devious trick used especially for an underhanded purpose; tricky or questionable practices or conduct; high-spirited or mischievous activity (Webster’s Ninth Collegiate).

Melissa Mossberger


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