Shelter result of community effort |

Shelter result of community effort

Dear Editor:The residents of and visitors to Aspen/Pitkin County should be made aware of the community’s role in building a new animal shelter for the homeless and abandoned pets of Aspen and Pitkin County. Thousands of donations were made to the new shelter, including those made by small children who gave their pennies and organized lemonade stands to substantial donations such as those by Susan and Larry Marx, Mary and Patrick Scanlan and Cheryl and Sam Wyly.Without the continued and generous support of the Marxes, Scanlans and Wylys, the Aspen/Pitkin Animal Shelter Capital Campaign would not be nearing completion of the new facility. The Marxes and Scanlans kicked off the capital campaign with significant donations that set the pace for five years of fundraising. And, just as our small community was getting tired of the capital campaign knocking on its door for the crucial, final funds, the Wylys graciously stepped forward to fund the balance of the campaign’s commitment.This was not the first time the Wylys had supported the new shelter, though. Their commitment to the shelter goes way back, from the donation of their ranch for the first two Bow-Wow Meow Balls to significant financial and in-kind support along the way. Cheryl Wyly, in particular, is active nationally on behalf of the Humane Society of the United States as well as in her hometown of Dallas. She is a true champion of our less fortunate, four-legged companions and serves on our own capital campaign board. Not only are she and her husband committed to helping the Aspen community complete its shelter, but their dream goes beyond just a new physical shelter. They donated more than was needed to complete the shelter because they wanted to ensure that a visiting vet clinic becomes a permanent part of the shelter.All those who have given dollars, time or sweat equity should pat themselves on the back for helping to build, what will be, a shining example of what can be achieved as a community working together. In closing, the board of the Aspen/Pitkin Animal Shelter Capital Campaign would like to recognize everyone, including the Aspen City Council and the Pitkin County commissioners, for their selfless support and for rallying around our animal companions … this is truly a wonderful community filled with very generous, caring people.Thank you from the Aspen/Pitkin Animal Shelter Capital Campaign Board of Directors:Seth Sachson, Georgeann Waggaman, Gesine Crandall, Bland Nesbit, Al Dietsch, Krista Eddy, Amy Feldman, Melinda Goldrich, Adam Goldsmith, Anne Gurchick, Heidi Hoffmann, Carol Loewenstern, Monica New and Mimi Teschner.Bland NesbitAspen

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