She’ll marry you |

She’ll marry you

Aspen CO, ColoradoI’ve been trying to get a longtime friend to come visit me in Aspen. He’s one of three guys who have been best buddies with me since before high school, and the other two have decided to move here for the winter.No-brainer, right?Wrong. And here’s the problem: He’s getting married. So I know you’re thinking – bad decision – and you’d be right. But, oddly enough, he seems to be set on the matter. Late last night, my brother came into town after a marathon drive from California. He was in bed at 2:45 a.m. and then on the gondola roughly six hours later.We took a few gloriously sunny and fast cruisers on Ruthie’s, then he asked if my buddy was coming out. I told my brother the decision had basically been made that marriage was more important than skiing with friends on Ajax. “Does his wife serve up a piping hot cup of apple cider every morning?” a friend we were skiing with asked. “Does his wife get a sparkling, crisp, white new coat every week or so?” added my brother.”Will his wife load skis onto the gondola when he’s holding his coffee?” asked the friend.But it was around that time the metaphor broke down.”Is his wife groomed by 40 men every night?” asked a friend.”Is she ridden by hundreds of speed freaks every day?” asked my brother.Hmmm. Perhaps it’s the skills of persuasion I’m short on, rather than the allure of Aspen. Or maybe the most convincing thing is just getting up there for a run or two, hitting up Highland Bowl or carving down Ruthie’s. I’ve been here a year and still haven’t heard someone say it wasn’t worth it.Avalanche report Avalanche danger is moderate at all elevations You will want to look out for signs of recent wind-loading and crossloading on slopes above treeline facing NE-E-SE today. Recent W and NW winds will have transported new snow onto these aspects. These wind slabs will be resting on weak surface hoar and faceted snow below them creating some tender and easy to trigger slabs for the next couple of days. With more snow in the forecast for the next two days, small natural avalanches could become possible also. For more information, visit or avalanche.

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