Sheen skates again

Dear Editor:

I urge Pitkin County prosecutor Arnold Mordkin to begin an immediate investigation into the recent incident in New York City when Charlie Sheen was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation after a woman told police he was throwing furniture and yelling in his hotel room.

Mr. Mordkin recently stated in an article in this newspaper that Sheen was not arrested, so Sheen wouldn’t be charged. I’m incredulous that under the terms of Mr. Sheen’s probation, Aspen isn’t conducting a full-blown investigation into Mr. Sheen’s actions in New York. As a reminder:

In August, Sheen pleaded guilty in Pitkin County District Court to misdemeanor third-degree assault after a Dec. 25 altercation with his wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen. Prosecutors dropped more serious charges and he avoided jail time, and instead was sentenced to 30 days in a rehabilitation center, 90 days of probation and 36 hours of anger management. As part of the agreement, Sheen also was instructed not to use alcohol to excess, and not to possess or consume any illegal or nonprescribed drugs or substances, and use prescribed drugs in the amount and manner prescribed.

After Charlie Sheen was involved in a matter at a hotel with porn star Capri Anderson in his room, he may be facing a lawsuit as a result of his behavior. She reportedly might be considering filing a lawsuit against the actor as she allegedly claims she felt her life was in danger and she was being held against her will, states TMZ. She reportedly ended up locking herself in the bathroom while Sheen allegedly went on his tirade. I think it’s clear that he was under the influence of narcotics and/or alcohol during this tirade. I think it’s clear that he violated his the terms of his parole, and we need an investigation.

I’ve grown tired of Aspen’s double standard, and I think we need to stand up and demand fair and balanced justice for all. Aspen needs to change its policy of lenient treatment for the rich and famous. It’s my understanding that when Mr. Sheen was being prosecuted that he addressed Aspen prosecutors on a first-name basis!? I might also add that a key witness in the Charlie Sheen domestic violence case in Aspen – who also resigned from the Aspen Police Department after a series of questionable judgment calls – and a high-profile attorney teamed together to blast the plea agreement the celebrity struck with prosecutor Mr. Mordkin.

“We’ve heard of sweetheart deals, but this sweetheart sentence only reinforces what people believe – that there are two levels of justice. One for the rich and famous, and a different one for everyone else,” said Los Angeles lawyer Gloria Allred.

I think it’s clear that he violated the terms of his parole. I’ve grown tired of Aspen’s double standard, and I think we need to stand up and demand fair and balanced justice.

Scott Courts



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