Sheen has no remorse |

Sheen has no remorse

Dear Editor:

How disturbing was the recent front-page picture of a smug Charlie Sheen giving the peace sign as he entered the Pitkin County Court House for his hearing on domestic violence charges? The peace sign? Please! Honestly, in my opinion, Charlie Sheen is not a man of peace!

Personally, when I contemplate men of peace I immediately think of Mahatma Gandhi or the Dalai Lama, both advocates of human rights and non-violence. Or, I am reminded of the many male friends I have who are kind, compassionate, and respectful of all. What I see in men like Charlie Sheen is the likes of a sociopath, whom have not one ounce of remorse for the pain and suffering they cause the people they supposedly “love,” including their wives/partners, children, family, friends, their community, and society as a whole. The path of destruction they leave behind is not unlike the wreckage left behind by an act of terrorism.

Quite frankly, an act of violence toward another individual really is an act of terrorism. Imagine for a moment, being threatened with a knife and told you are going to be killed by a person whom you love and trust.

Seriously, close your eyes and put yourself in Brooke’s shoes. Can you feel the sheer terror that woman must have felt? Probably not. In this country most people cannot even fathom that sort of terror as they have never experienced that kind of violence in their lives. But many women have and I am one. I am a survivor of domestic violence by a person I loved and trusted.

I, like Brooke, wanted to reconcile the relationship and was always reluctant, for many reasons, to report the abuse. Unfortunately, as a result of not reporting, the abuse continued and got worse each time, the last incident being the most violent. I thought I was going to die. But I survived and am alive today to tell my story, hopefully touching someone else with it. My abuser tried one last time to hurt me but I finally had the courage to call the police. The incident unfortunately was dismissed by our so-called justice system in this valley with basically a slap on the wrist to him.

I, however, am still suffering the repercussions of what domestic violence can do to a person. Believe me, it has not been easy. On a more positive note, I have found an incredible support system in this valley that is helping me recover.

As for Charlie and Brooke, it is time to be painfully honest about yourselves and take responsibility for this incident. So what if Charlie has to spend some time in jail? Justice will have been served. Otherwise, it is my own personal experience that the violence will continue.

Eileen Bradley


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