Shedding light on the gecko problem |

Shedding light on the gecko problem

In answer to your question in The Aspen Times Weekly: “Will a giant gecko get Highlands going?” The answer is no. Why? Because Highlands is so dark a person can’t find their way to the Iguana.

A friend and I saw their ads and thought we’d give it a try, so we drove out to Highlands. It was so dark we figured the place was closed down. We turned around and left.

A second time we went, and again the whole Highlands was dark. We thought maybe Iguanas was open so we walked around. We couldn’t find a sign so again left, thinking we must have gotten our information wrong.

On our third try we stopped at the hotel to see what the trouble was and were told that it was open and were directed in the general direction of Iguanas.

We kept looking for lights or a sign but could find none. We finally saw some people dancing and went into what appeared to be the unlit back door. No, we were told, that was the front door and Highlands had a light pollution policy! Huh?

They must have a money pollution policy as well because they are sure turning away business. There is no way I’d go out there alone in the dark.

I wonder how many others have given up on finding it. An unlit bar and dark parking lot will never make it in any town, let alone an out-of-the-way place like Highlands.

Once we were there we had a great time and the country dancing is certainly a welcome change. That’s one thing that’s being done right! Whoever made the policy on lighting needs to think twice or the gecko will most certainly wander back to Mexico.

Linda B. Hayes


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