She listens |

She listens

Dear Editor:

A breath of fresh air, the wind picking up to fill your sails, a bright new sunrise, whatever you want to call it, Kathleen Curry’s move to run as an Independent, not indebted to a political party, is something very welcome in this present era.

She has shown forethought, wisdom and compassion in her legislative proposals and voting. And, there is one overriding reason why you should vote for her. It was shown to me during one of her town hall meetings, when there was an elderly lady in the very back of the room because her wheelchair was too wide to get through the narrow aisle space left due to the room being packed, except for a few seats in the very front row directly in front of Kathleen. The woman had a question, but a weak voice.

And it was what I saw, rather than what I heard, that made me sit up and pay attention and become a Kathleen Curry supporter; Kathleen almost climbed over the top of the first row of chairs so that she could hear her better. That body language spoke volumes.

I’ve since volunteered with parts of her campaign, and in a meeting with her today at the Bluebird, watched as a woman who recognized her came to her and talked about a very serious problem her granddaughter was having. And again, she listened, wrote down everything of what was an extremely tragic story, and said she would do all that she could to help. She’s just not your average politician. She epitomizes all that a state representative should be. Whether you are an Independent, are registered as a Democrat or Republican or other, please, if you vote for nothing else, make sure you find the Precinct 61-State Representative section of your ballot, find where it says write-in, fill in the box with a pen, write in Kathleen Curry, and send her back to the House for her last eligible term so she can continue demonstrating the passion for real democracy she’s already shown us so well.

Michael Gibson

Glenwood Springs

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