She braids Conrad |

She braids Conrad

Dear Editor:A batch of random off-season thoughts: Can you name three downtown blocks that don’t have construction going on or heavy equipment tearing them up right now? Clock’s on. Getting near enough to a lynx to take a close-up like the one in Wednesday’s paper must be a real thrill. Aren’t they supposed to be super-reclusive? Makes you wonder if they’re losing their fear, like the bears. Maybe the photographer just thought ahead and brought his inflatable snowshoe hare decoy. Mike Mason isn’t real. I’m willing to bet Roger Marolt is writing those letters. Real people aren’t so dogmatic when armed with a ludicrous rationale and such fluffy data (Bush war logic notwithstanding). He’s probably just trolling for outraged responses, which is SO Roger’s style! The Main Street bus lane will be great for HOV scofflaws, who now have another set of markings to ignore. I really enjoyed M. John Fayhee’s temporary stint at the Times. And the J-Bar. I was surprised at how relatively normal he is. Being a reader of the Mountain Gazette, I had always pictured John as a sort of crazy-eyed drooler. But no, he’s engaging and erudite, with a bit of charming Virginia twang. If he does drool at all, the beard hides it. I’m gonna miss him. I guess Summit and Eagle just have more of his kind of angst. He often lamented that Aspen doesn’t offer the same quality of ecoterrorism, big box controversy, land pillaging or 8 percent beer (it was a close call on the pillaging). So John, best of luck with the Gazette, tip one for me at the Moose Jaw … and y’all come back now, hear? On the topic of pillaging, I finally got around to Hal Clifford’s “Downhill Slide.” The book should be required reading for everyone – except Mike Mason; he’d never believe it – but particularly for residents of the new Intrawest fiefdom in Snowmass. I hope the lynx in Wednesday’s paper isn’t planning to move up there. They’d barbecue that sucker right away and stuff the pelt for display in the model center. “That’s right, sir, your condo will be built on some of the best land for these little critters. If you want to see one up close, please check out our interpretive display. Next year we’re going to break ground on Phase Nine at Burnt Mountain. We’re calling it Hungry Elk Camp. Sure, you can pre-reserve!” I miss Veazy. I wonder if Carolyn Sackariason, the former ADN editor, gets to print any of his crazy-ass letters in her L.A. paper. Did you think of those three blocks yet?She Braids Conrad (apologies to Ken Moore).Mick McQuiltonAspen

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