Sharing responsibility |

Sharing responsibility

We hear daily of the slaughter and blood-letting of both the Israelis and the Palestinians. Has it occurred to us as citizens that we share responsibility for this?

We allow our government, both the administration and Congress, to support the belligerence of the Sharon government in its effort to drive out an indigenous population of Palestinian Arabs. By sending this government $4 billion of our tax money yearly, we make it possible for this savagery to continue.

The net result of our policy has earned us the enmity of the entire Muslim world, jeopardizing the availability of their resources and causing additional military expenditures for our safety, both here and abroad.

This is hardly a policy that promotes our national self-interest, which is the duty of any government toward its own citizens. Don’t we have the right to demand that our representatives in the White House and the Congress act in a manner which derives less from a desire to reap large campaign contributions for themselves but rather to enhance our interest NATIONALLY, both here and abroad?

Richard and Jane Veit


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