Share the vision |

Share the vision

On July 15 the voters in Carbondale have a great opportunity, the opportunity to choose the direction of our commercial future.

The ballot issue is simple: Do we want the vision a del Mar, Calif., developer, Mr. Huster, and his Front Range design team have for Carbondale, or do we want a chance to participate in the shaping of our future?

I will choose to participate. Let us vote to reject this plan and wait until a developer will work with us in a cooperative way to make the best plan for Carbondale. Let us choose to share in the vision that will be our future.

In 2002 and into 2003, the downturn in the national and local economy affected all of us. The city of Aspen laid off two staff members and did not replace eight others that came open. Pitkin County had three layoffs and did not replace six positions.

Basalt eliminated two senior staff positions. Carbondale tightened its belt, trimmed the budget and continued on, giving raises to all employees.

We are a dynamic, growing, successful community. We are financially sound. We can weather these economic hard times. We can wait until a developer comes here who will work with all of us to build what we envision: steady, smart, diverse, economic growth. We don’t have to accept anything else.

The ballot issue is simple: Do we want the developers’ vision, or do we want to share in the vision?

On July 15, I will choose for a chance to share the vision; please join me.

Russ Criswell