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Share the road

Dear Editor:

I often see the stickers on cyclists’ automobiles that say, “Share the Road!” I also understand the joy that a cyclist gets when passing cars move over or wait to pass if there is oncoming traffic. I am from the old-school Okie teaching of always moving over when there is a vehicle on the shoulder. I do the same for cyclists. Now it is a law to do so when there is a state trooper, sheriff or emergency vehicle on the shoulder. It is a simple gesture of respect and caring for the safety of others.

Saturday, there were many cyclists on the road. I came upon two separate pairs of them that were not “sharing the road.” Both pairs were riding side by side, and the rider inside was literally riding one foot off of the center paint line. I followed behind them for almost a minute, until he looked back and then moved over a few feet but did not get in single file. Can’t we all just get along and be respectful of other humans we share this world with? It takes respect to get respect!

All drivers should look out and be aware of cyclists as we come into the summer days, and cyclists should appreciate that and be aware of traffic behind them.

And for the cyclist that I watched pull a large piece of duct tape off his bike and throw it on the ground out front of the Woody Creek Tavern: Lame! Litter bugs suck!

Have a wonderful summer.

John Norman