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Share the Earth

Dear Editor:I am so tired of hearing how bears (and other animals) are such a problem these days. Bears (and other animals) were not a problem, oh, let’s say, before greedy, all-consuming, self-centered humans made up their minds to live wherever they want, and do whatever they feel. When will we admit to ourselves that there has to be balance in this world? Boundaries are part of this essential balance. There are boundaries in every aspect of life. This particular aspect is territory. We all have the right, as free energies, to our own territories, whether it be three feet of personal space, or our own minds. What we do not have the right to, is impediment of another species’ habitat – their shelter, their food supply, their safety, their freedom. All the things that we desire for ourselves, we should also desire for the other creatures on this Earth. Make the connection between your basic needs and the needs of animals. I believe you will find that we all deserve the same respect.What a sad day it would be if all “problem species” were destroyed to extinction because of numerous contacts with the human species. Realize that animals, as well as nature, are unconditional in their existence. Humans are not able to be the same. We, as humans, are always asking of the Earth, the animals, and other humans. Just imagine a world without animals, without nature, without streaming rivers, without birds singing! What would we have to observe then? Ourselves? Maybe it is time.Erika BrandonAspen