Shame, shame |

Shame, shame

Dear Editor:

If Mr. Blumenthal’s recent personal attack on two of our school board members Charla Belinski and Laura Kornasiewicz is an example of his community values, then I dare say the success of the scheduled forum on the “challenges of building community” is very much in doubt. Mr. Blumenthal is an invited speaker at this event.

Rude and obnoxious pontification from the self proclaimed leader of the second-home owners is not what Snowmass needs in order to move forward and face our challenges.

Affordable housing for our teachers should have been recognized early on as an important community project and Snowmass should have embraced it. Instead we treated the school board and two of its dedicated members as if they were scheming real estate speculators. Shame on all of us for allowing this to happen.

Mr. Blumenthal, you owe Charla and Laura a public apology. Second-home owners, you need to find a new “leader.” Snowmass Town Council, you need to help the school board finish this project with your dignity intact.

Wayne Floyd

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