Shame on you, CARE |

Shame on you, CARE

Dear Editor:How can we be so selfless and so heartless? How can we adopt an entire community, drive truckloads of assistance across the country, send them Christmas gifts and ignore the wishes of one small family who want their traumatized, helpless pet to be well cared for? Do the people of Pearlington mean more to us than the Kingvalskys’ dog? It’s Christmas, for crying out loud, and what do we do? We ship the dog to yet more people who do not know what he was like before the storm – that of him being with his family. If what we read in our paper is true, then I pray my cat never needs the help of CARE.Last week I was going to suggest that the lawyers donate some of their fees in the spirit of the holidays – pretend that the Kingvalskys live in Pearlington. Then I was going to suggest that Ms. Rockey take her ego on a vacation – get the hell out of town! A third idea was that maybe, just maybe, we could think about those whose families lost everything in the storm, those whose loved ones are away at war, those who are living in the streets at 10 below zero – and then look beyond our pride and do the right thing with Buster.But this week, all I can say is, shame on you, CARE. Shame on you.Sheila BrennanAspen

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