Shame on you! |

Shame on you!

Dear Editor:There are times when I wonder if the Aspen community has become a bit too isolated from the more unpleasant realities of the world. The Aspen Times’ suggestion that voters vote against the disabled vet real estate tax reduction, Referendum E, is a good example of this. Carefully think about what it means to give blood, limb, sanity and more, to be 100 percent disabled … all for this country – you and me and our neighbors. Giving a 100 percent disabled vet a small tax break is certainly a worthy gesture of our appreciation. Whether or not we agree with the genesis and prosecution of war is not the point.The Aspen Times’ suggestion to vote against this referendum because it benefits a “narrow group of citizens” and “would cost the state 1,000,000” is myopic at best; suffice it to say that the editors of this paper should volunteer at Walter Reed Hospital and participate in the Disabled Vets Winter Sports Clinic this spring – and then hang their heads in shame. Carrington BrownBasalt

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