Shame on Hartley and the Times |

Shame on Hartley and the Times

Dear Editor:

In regard to Todd Hartley’s article “Of bigfoots (bigfeet?) and backyard blueberry bagels,” I fail to see how that article meets even a minimal standard where journalism is concerned (Opinion, Nov. 30, The Aspen Times).

Not only is the article little more than a snarking, biased rant, it contains several errors of fact that easily could have been avoided if Hartley had bothered to do even a minimum of research.

Among those errors are the claims that Melba S. Ketchum didn’t submit “blind” samples to independent labs (she did) and that she has refused to submit her paper for peer review (it is currently in review).

Also, Hartley makes much fuss about DNA Diagnostics’ “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. If he’d bothered to check further, he would have seen that the rating stems from fewer than 20 reports (out of many thousands of tests it has run) and concerned timely return of reports, not faults in the quality of the lab work performed.

(We’ll leave aside the fact that the Better Business Bureau is a scam in any event, as has been documented elsewhere.)

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Shame on Hartley for writing an article that would not even pass in a high school journalism class. Shame on The Aspen Times for publishing it.

Greg Price

Springfield, Mo.

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