Shallow and immature |

Shallow and immature

Dear Editor:

I attended the recent RFTA board meeting in Carbondale during the reconsideration of their policy that designates a winter closure period of a section of one of RFTA’s bike trails. The closure was established presumably to protect or prevent degradation of wetland habitat, through which much of the trail passes.

I found the following assertions made by some of the board members at this meeting interesting and noteworthy:

1) Houses already encroach on this habitat, therefore you homeowners have forfeited your right to have a say (about further or future wildlife degradation by RFTA).

2) RFTA is a transit organization, not an environmental organization; therefore our priority is transit, not the environment.

3) Individuals who want to open the trail in winter so that citizens, visitors and their dogs can enjoy biking, cross-country skiing and hiking for one more month every year are not selfish, egocentric or self-centered.

And, my personal favorite:

4) Keeping the trail open longer will impact this wildlife habitat in a POSITIVE way by allowing an alternate route for commuters who would otherwise be driving autos on Highway 82 and by scaring off the hungry elk and deer that are ravishing (eating) the vegetation.

I ask your readers to think about these assertions and decide if they are worthy of debate. To me they seem a bit shallow, a tad immature, and very contrary to the public interest (which by the way includes the environment in which the public must reside).

Rebecca Doane


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