Shakespearean crisis averted |

Shakespearean crisis averted

Dear Editor:

There is a time when those who administrate and actually make this town work should be recognized and praised for their work on our behalf.

It was a time of crisis for our theatre company learning that the beautiful Galena Plaza could be closed for the summer because of deterioration of the brick work. Hudson Reed Ensemble’s sixth season of free Shakespeare in the Park was in serious jeopardy. Our “Wild West” version of “The Taming of the Shrew” this summer might not happen. I went to see Randy Ready, assistant city manager, on the good advice of John Latch, Galena Plaza project manager.

Because of Randy’s work and the efforts of Dan Nelson, parks supervisor, and his excellent crew, a temporary solution was found to have the park open to all this summer.

All of us are grateful to all of you …

Kent Hudson Reed

Director, The Hudson Reed Ensemble

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