Shadow Mountain’s special energy

I am writing in support of Friends of Shadow Mountain and their efforts to save Shadow Mountain from further development.

Shadow Mountain is an historically sacred site. Not only does it provide a home for a diversity of species, it also remains a sanctuary for walkers and bikers who can now go by it, and while being near the center of town, also have a sense of an older Aspen, ever-ancient Aspen.

If you will notice, Shadow Mountain is shaped like a great pyramid. There is no doubt that in its history it has been the object of much contemplation. There has even been speculation that Shadow Mountain was shaped into its present form by some of Aspen’s first inhabitants.

Walking by Shadow Mountain at night one can easily feel its special energy. In all seasons, it displays the magnificence of Aspen’s nature, and as it exists, it is a great open space.

Please do what you can to keep it as such.

Ian Kahn

New York, N.Y.


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