Sex & Relationships for Week of July 11 |

Sex & Relationships for Week of July 11

Sexual energy this week is high and deep and getting more so as we proceed through the week. By weeks end (see Daily astrology on this website for more comment) there is HUGE energy for passion, pain, obsession, addiction, jealousy and general pain, pleasure and madness. Wow.AND there is a Mystic Rectangle at weeks end opening us to Cosmic Magic to complete and master so many issues that connect…. love, sex, passion, power, spirit, dreams and ideals, fear, hurt and pain, and so much more… pleasure… flow, merging… it is a huge time with huge energies at play. Very exciting and just a bit daunting too!There is also a level of being Madly in Love where you can be crazy about someone or just crazy… and have that about someone! The key in all of this is…. pay attention. Some of what will be happening will be stuff from deep, deep, deep in you that you have feared and pushed away and it needs to be now seen and loved and reclaimed. You will find out what that is. It may be painful, scary or ugly. It may be IN you or seem to be in someone else in your life. It is ALL you!As well if you are in a sexual relationship you can use this time to explore power connection between you to deepen trust and safety. Take turns being in surrender to each other (SAFELY). Take turns in playing out new (previously hidden) fantasies and role-plays. Remember that this IS intense stuff and will bring up new (or very old) feelings, AND it is important to keep it as fun, as playful fun and pleasure between you. 2004 Tomas GregoryDo remember to visit for Daily Astrology for your personal astrology sign, as printed every weekday in The Aspen Times newspaper.

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