Sex & Relationships Astrology for Week of September 5 |

Sex & Relationships Astrology for Week of September 5

Relationship trials and troubles will begin to ease off as we move into the week. By now it is most likely that some people have been removed from your life one way or another, and the truth is that they needed to go to clear the space for you to move to a higher level of value and respect and appreciation in your life.The people still with you are likely to be able to remain as they too are moving with you to a higher level of expression of these qualities, and others will appear to reflect your new value levels.As well you have learned some important lessons around the issue of self-love and self-valuing.You are now challenged, forced actually, to explore this new space, to test old value beliefs and try out new ones, to look for better and more fulfilling answers for your life that deliver more enjoyment and meaning.AND along the same lines, check THIS out!! 2004 Tomas GregoryVisit for personal Daily Astrology.


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