Sex & Relationships Astrology for Week of September 19 |

Sex & Relationships Astrology for Week of September 19

This week sex is on the cosmic fantasy level for most people. Relationships are likely to be a mud fight – to put it politely!There is SO much harsh critical energy about linked to a lot of old anger that relationships of all kinds will be sorely tested for tolerance, love, kindness and forgiveness – to name just a few qualities that will be needed in strength if your relationship will weather the storms.Of course some people will just stuff it all down even further and get cancer in a few years.I do not recommend that. Try to set up trust spaces for sharing, not for blame and finger pointing and recrimination. So as to get said whatever needs to be said, in a context of conviction to heal and grow together.As well I highly recommend that everyone daily have a good scream into a pillow just to take the edge off the anger. Or go do some Primal release sessions – even better! 2004 Tomas GregoryVisit for personal Daily Astrology and for lots of other great stuff!