Sex & Relationships Astrology for Week of January 2

Sex & Relationships Astrology for Week of January 2There is MUCH great energy for sex and relationships this week so long as it has a component of being special and uplifting. Same old, same old will not work and in fact you will probably leave such relationships behind as you take the elevator to a much higher floor.You are needing to connect on philosophical grounds of mutual agreement and understanding, on mental as well as emotional levels and there must now be a good heart and soul connection with anyone close or it will just not interest you, nor will they!All of this is pushing our relationships to a much bigger and greater space and our capacity for all of this is increasing greatly, if not exponentially as lifetimes of lessons are coming to fruition and reward!Get that you are being powerfully guided in all of this and the right people are being brought to you so relax and enjoy the day(s)… and nights! 😉 2005 Tomas GregoryVisit for lots of other great stuff!