Sex ed atop agenda for Roaring Fork School Board |

Sex ed atop agenda for Roaring Fork School Board

Taylor Cramer
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
Roaring Fork and Basalt high school students Jax Carpenter and Alexander Plowman address the Roaring Fork Schools Board of Education in September 2022 regarding the district's new toolkit for supporting LGBTQ+ students.
John Stroud/Glenwood Spring Post Independent

The always hot topic of sex-ed curriculum is on the agenda again on Wednesday night in Carbondale for the Roaring Fork District School Board.

Among the topics will be the third discussion on a new student health curriculum adoption, as well as conversation regarding the Meadowood housing project in Carbondale. Both matters could come to a vote.

The curriculum, which focuses on providing students the opportunity to expand their physical and personal wellness, social and emotional wellness, and prevention and risk management also includes language supporting the needs and inclusivity of gender-expansive and LGBTQ+ students in the district.

That and aspects of the sex education piece of the curriculum has drawn the attention of several community members since the proposal’s initial presentation last month.

In an overview of the proposal, the curriculum states that students will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask any questions they have about issues such as puberty, sex, reproduction, and relationships.
  • Receive complete, age-appropriate, and medically-accurate information about sexuality.
  • Explore issues that interest them related to their sexual development.
  • Develop the skills necessary to form healthy friendships and, later, healthy romantic partnerships.
  • Have support from caring adults who respect, affirm, and celebrate them for who they are.

During a May 9 discussion of the proposal, Chief of Student and Family Services Anna Cole shared a scope and sequence draft detailing the lessons students would be taught within each age range.

  • Grades K-4: Personal safety; healthy relationships; basic anatomy/physiology.
  • Grades 5-6: Personal safety; identity/healthy relationships; anatomy/physiology; puberty
  • Grades 7-8: Personal safety/online safety; identity/healthy relationships
  • Grades 9-12: Personal safety; identity; puberty/adolescent development; pregnancy/reproduction; sexually-transmitted diseases; healthy relationships; sexual orientation/behavior/identity

At this Wednesday’s meeting, Cole will share an updated and more detailed scope and sequence draft.

A program that would pilot throughout Roaring Fork Schools beginning in the 2023-24 school year, the proposal does include an opt-out for families unwilling to have their students participate in the program.

Board discussions regarding the curriculum will take place after the community’s opportunity for public comment. Those wishing to speak on the topic can do so by signing up for public comment on the district website.

Another item for action on Wednesday night is discussion regarding the Meadowood housing project. 

A plan to add 50 units at the Meadowood project near Roaring Fork High School in Carbondale, on top of the existing 124 units the district has available for teachers and staff, the project will aim to attract and retain teachers for the coming years.

The project is expected to cost the district around $26 million, according to information before the board.

The meeting is set to begin at 6:15 p.m. at the Carbondale District Office, 400 Sopris Ave.