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Sex and Relationships Astrology for September 7, 2003

Sex and relationships with others will not be your point of focus this week, except in so far as they are affected by your relationship with yourself.

If you are in a relationship it will serve you both to acknowledge that this week is an important “time out” week for you to individually assess who you are, where you are, what matters, how you need to grow and improve yourself etc.

By all means share this but just make sure you both have enough time out to do the work that is being required. You will also be feeling a certain amount of old anger / rage at past issues and it does not help anyone to direct this at other people in the here and


What works is to see that it is old rage that you have carried, and to feel it and get what its source is, what caused it back then, so you can make adjustments that it now needs.

For example you may have felt rage as a kid because people did not keep you in the picture of what was happening, (and there can be many other such examples) so NOW instead of getting angry with people when they do that (often inadvertently and not directed AT you)

you can explain that what works for you IS to be kept informed and have them agree to do that.

THEN every time THAT happens you are giving love and nurturing to your “inner child”… i.e. you are healing that old hurt and replacing it with goodness and love.

Go for it!


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