Sex and Relationships Astrology for September 28, 2003

This week has HIGH energy for loving relationships and if that includes sex, well that is a bonus!

OK, I am in a mood, because the energies are lifting after long periods of rather heavy stuff and we are headed for more and more of the rewards. That does not mean there are no challenges – ha – it means we will see more rewards along the way now.

Relationships are in the spotlight with the Sun and Venus in the sign of Libra which rules relationships and social issues, love, beauty and harmony. So focus on growing all of that in your life, especially start

with your relationship with yourself, from which flows all other relationships.

As well you will be opening to higher realms of yourself and so may feel less solid than usual…. flow with and trust that. It will open you to some lovely high places that will feed your soul.

Now, on top of all that are two more important trends… first, there is good heart energy, making your heart feel stronger and keeping you in touch with it and second … there is continued Social Spring

Cleaning where you let go of people or they let go of you. This can be dramatic, traumatic, or in my case simple getting in a plane to go to America, and so leaving family and friends behind in Australia.

The value of this cycle is that it clears our life to varying degrees of other people, or of social habits that have become …. well …. habits and need a shake up, hence Spring Cleaning… it is a time to be

more with you and so to re-freshen your relationships.


c 2003 Tomas Gregory


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