Sex and Relationships Astrology for September 14, 2003 |

Sex and Relationships Astrology for September 14, 2003

Sex and Relationships Astrology for September 14, 2003

Sexual energies are high,. strange and unusual on several levels.

First they are high, but in a way that demands surrender and even sacrifice.

Second, the sexual energy is very aligned with, merging with even, spiritual energy, so that it is seeking Tantric expression.

Thirdly, the sexual energy is needing to go in new, unconventional “kinky” directions. It is taking you into new arenas and choices and possibilities of your own personal sexual expression. It is wanting to take you out of your everyday “normal” experience into new and exciting ones that offer new and exciting

possibilities and enjoyments.

How to make the most of all of that?

Surrender to what comes up for you. New ideas? Fantasies? Turn-ons? Go for them all. Try playing out dominance and surrender games where one person is incharge for a period of time, then swap. Take turns at “being on top” – literally and figuratively.

Take turns at doing things the other wants that you would not usually want to do.

When you make love go for mutual orgasms where you fully let go, allowing yourself to merge with the Universe, out of and beyond your bodies and even beyond the planet!

Have massages. Take time to feel and explore and pleasure yourselves and each other. Explore. Experiment.

Oh yeah, and have fun!! 🙂


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