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Sex and Relationships Astrology for November 30, 2003

You will be starting a two week period of great and deep personal intensity now. This can connect you with blocked old pain, anger, passion, power and just pure desire!

It is Primal and volcanic and will bring deep stuff to the surface for you to heal, release or integrate, whatever is needed.

This will also bring up powerful issues if you are in relationship… firstly your own issues then old issues you had with other people, especially your parents, that can still rankle and still get played

out in your current adult relationships, even if they are now totally outdated.

So you get to release past madness and pain so you are more fully rooted and grounded in the Present.

Needless to say all of this is extremely growthful on a personal level and it is in fact a great time to be doing some sort of formal personal growth work as a support for what is going on for you.


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